What is Trip Out?

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  What is Trip Out?

“Trip Out” MountainGirl Productions’ groundbreaking new web series called Trip Out, a travel show Hosted by Kristin R. Thomas is catering to the needs and desires of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans community.  The LGBT community simply must have brands it can trust who will provide safe and inclusive environments, something that is especially important when traveling. Trip Out knows this, and that is why we want to put our media and franchise partners in the spotlight as we navigate the globe with our Southern Girl presenter Kristin R. Thomas, seeking out the very best in affordable luxury destinations.

“Trip Out” is a reality, travel web series that will showcase the best destinations and events for the LGBT community in the sector of luxurious only vacations.   One of our popular media platforms is our weekly editorials to our 40,000+ subscribers.  Our viewership is 1.2 million worldwide.  One of the fans needs is highlighting the best travel destinations that are either tailored for the LGBT community or LGBT friendly.

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