Trans Scripts Exhibits the Voice of Trans Women

Trans Scripts – Exhibits the Voice of the Trans 

Women in our LGBTQ Community

trans scripts

Part One: The Women

Cambridge, MA – Trans Scripts premiered on January 19 at The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T) at Harvard University. The Artistic Director Diane Paulus and Executive Director Diane Quinn, present Trans Scripts, Part One: The Women, written by Paul Lucas and directed by Jo Bonney. Performances begin on January 19 and will run until Sunday, February 5 at the Loeb Drama Center, located at 64 Brattle Street, Cambridge.

trans scriptstrans scriptsWe had the honor to be able to interview the Creator and first-time playwright, Paul Lucas.  In our interview, we learned of how Lucas created the play. Paul stated that it was an organic journey in creating Trans Script.  In 2011, marked the year of his first interview that started the journey to shape the play around the true stories told by Trans Women.  Starting out he had no idea how the story would shape out.  He was the only one to interview his subjects and he listened to all of the women’s stories and started to see a pattern in experiences.  With over 75 interviews, Lucas began the creative process. This is how Trans Scripts was born.  The stories you hear are not coming from Lucas but from Trans Women.  We specify this because it’s rare when someone only tells the stories from the Trans community only without inputting their personal feelings to the issues. This is why we wanted to share Trans Scripts with our Trip Out fans.




The experiences that the Trans Women shared with Lucas ranged from bottom surgery, being Black and Trans, and so much more. The play is special because the cast varies in ages which offer a varied look on life as a Trans Woman. Times have changed from the 1980s to the early 2000s which mean so have the experiences of being Trans. The play reflects these changes. Lucas believed that Trans should tell their own stories and that simple idea is the reason why we love Paul Lucas for creating Trans Scripts.


The play, Trans Scripts, Part One: The Women is a play drawn from candid interviews with dozens of transgender women around the world. The play uses their actual words to shed light on the rich and diverse experience within the transgender community. Trans Scripts is honest, hilarious, touching, and unforgettable. We highly recommend following Trans Scripts and show your support.


Starring in the play is Marlo Bernier as Josephine, Matthew Hancock as Zakia, Eden Lane as Sandra, Bianca Leigh as Tatiana, MJ Rodriguez as Luna, Rebecca Root as Eden, and Jack Wetherall as Dr. Violet.


trans scripts



In these trying times in the U.S with protests, politics upside down and Americans fighting for rights, it’s refreshing to see a story that brings our LGBTQ community together. Thank you, Paul Lucas, for creating Trans Scripts: Part One and we cannot wait for Part Two: The Men.


If you’re in the Cambridge area, the play is still showing until this Sunday, February the 5th. Get your tickets at


Learn more about Trans Scripts at Trans Scripts -The Play



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