Rafting Tara River

Rafting Tara River

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MontenegroTara River Canyon offers adventurous rafting from the month of May to October.  The reason why these months offer the perfect time to raft the Tara River is because it’s the best time when the water in the river is at it’s highest.   Tara River is located in the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro.

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The Tara River splits through the mountains of Durmitor National Park, northwest of Montenegro. The river is actually located in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The total length of the river is 144 km, of which 104 km are in Montenegro, while the final 40 km is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Tara River forms a border between the two countries in several places throughout the flow of the river.   The powerful waterway, that creates a canyon that drops to 1300 meters at its deepest is 78 km long, making it the second largest canyon in the world.  A very cool fact is that the Grand Canyon is only 200 meters deeper.  This fact allows you to imagine just how big the Tara River truly is.




From May to October people travel from all around the world to go rafting in the Tara River.  Rafting the river is actually the most popular attraction in Montenegro.


The one day rafting route, from villages, Brstanovica to Šćepan Polje is 18 km long and it takes 2 to 3 hours, but most popular is part which included few kilometers of river Drina all together 25 km to Rafting center Drina-Tara. Among the attractions of the area is Đurđevića Tara Bridge, on the crossroads between Mojkovac, Žabljak and Pljevlja.


Rafting starts at Splavista from where you start the adventure 100 km long in the most beautiful and exciting part of canyon. Already at the beginning the Tara, the waterfalls of Ljutica are shown and then, you will pass under monumental bridge of the Tara, 165 meters high and then, you come up to the old Roman road and then pass through the Lever Tara.  “Nisovo vrelo” is the deepest part of canyon of 1100 meters high. Further is the bottom of the mountain top, “Curevac” (1650 m), that rises above Tara as its “eternal guardian” and one of the nicest bellevue of Durmitor.   Then you end up at the waterfalls of Draga and then pass through the Radovan luka. Then you pass through the “Canyon of Susica“, “Tepački bukovi”, “Brstanovički bukovi” and “Bailovica sige.” Rafting will end at Sćepan Polje.


We highly recommend planning a two-day trip down the Tara River.  Take your time and stop to explore the historical cities along the way.



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