Philly Man, Alden Victim of Bomb

Philly Man Victim of Mail Bomb

Philly Alden
Jim Alden,  (on the right) pictured above with his partner, a theatre  maker and longtime fixture in Philly’s LGBT community.


Philly – Jim Alden, a Philly resident, was having a normal day.  Just standing in his kitchen early Tuesday morning on November 22nd.  Alden went to open what looked to be a package of inhalers he had recently ordered online.


Jim went to open the large manila and was immediately hit in the face with the bomb that was located inside the package.  Alden was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for shrapnel wounds to his chest and arms, also blisters along his ears, and broken bones in his hand.  The bomb caused life-changing injuries that will change Alden and his partner life forever.   Alden sustained a blister on his ear drum which has impacted his hearing.   Jim sadly lost parts of two fingers on his dominant left hand and had to undergo surgery to repair some of the damage.  The doctors were able to install several rods to help stabilize multiple broken bones.  Alden will need to undergo several additional surgeries on his hand in the future.  No one expects to be a victim of such a heinous act.   Talbott Smith , a friend of Alden, set up a YouCaring page to help raise funds for Alden’s medical treatments and cost of living as he is currently not able to work.


On the YouCaring page, it is highly suggested by Talbott Smith that “as a highly personal attack,” which had to do with Alden’s openly-gay lifestyle and liberal political reviews.”   That being said, no matter what someone’s views are on politics or the way they live their life should not result is such an attack.


Philly Man Alden
Source: NBC


Police have confirmed that the package was addressed to Alden and was designed to look identical to Alden’s previous asthma medication packages.  The envelope appeared on the steps of Alden’s home.  It was not delivered by the postal service, police said.  The package had a bar code on the exterior, with a power source and loop switch located inside the package, according to CBS.  The Blast was activated by the man who opened the envelope, rather than set off remotely, police said.  The apartment also smelled of sulfur after the explosion.  The ‘target specific’ package was meant to injure, but police did not consider it an act of terrorism, according to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.  The Philadelphia Police, Bomb Squad, the ATF, and other agencies are currently working to examine and determine whether or no the incident was a targeted hate crime.




Personal Statement:

‘My Life Changed on that Day’:  Full Statement From Philadelphia Letter-Bomb Victim Jim Alden


Philly Man Alden
Source YouCaring

‘There has been substantial news coverage about the letter bomb that seriously injured me on the morning of November 22, 2016. Now, one week later, I’m happy to be resting at home and feeling a little bit better. My life changed on that day, and I still face more surgeries to deal with the significant damage to my left hand. The “shrapnel” damage to my face, chest and arms are slowly healing, and a blister on my eardrum is affecting my hearing but is supposed to heal. At this point, I only know that I have a long road ahead of me, and I will likely be unable to work for quite some time.

Because I would never want to impede or interfere with the local, state and federal investigators who are working hard to solve this crime, I’m unable to provide an update on the criminal investigation. I will leave that up to those professionals. What I want to say at this point is how overwhelmed I have been at the outpouring of love and support that I’ve received from my partner, family, friends, and coworkers.

Through the website, I’ve received many generous donations along with comments that are beautifully supportive and inspiring. Please know that the donations will be invaluable as I deal with medical expenses and the potential of many months without income.

As I go forward in my recovery I know I will continue to rely on the loving care of my partner and friends, and I appreciate everyone’s concern and compassion. Thank you!’

Source: YouCaring


Trip Out, pleads with our fans to please donate, even $1 dollar for Jim Alden.  We will not stand for this hate and violent crime against our LGBT community.  Let’s show Jim, that we got his back.  Jim, from Trip Out we’re deeply sorry this happen to you and we continue to pray for a fast recovery!

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