Parasailing – A Mile Above the Ocean

Parasailing – A Mile Above the Ocean

UFO 1916

Lahaina, West Maui – Trip Out took flight!  Host Kristin R. Thomas and her partner (videographer) met with the crew of UFO Parasailing to take an unbelievable tour in the sky of historical Lahaina, Maui.   Thank goodness there were no fears of heights beforehand or the guys with UFO would have broken down those fears for sure.  Thomas accounts that even though they were filming what UFO Parasailing has to offer families during their vacation in Maui, the crew treated Trip Out crew and Host with so much love.  A huge thank you to the Owner Greg VanderLaan for showcasing nothing but the BEST of UFO Parasailing!

Thomas and her partner met with the crew of UFO at the oceanfront kiosk in front of the Hyatt resort in Lahaina.  Before you arrive, you will be sent a safety waiver and asked to watch a safety video.   Everyone in your party that is participating in parasailing will have to complete both steps before getting on the boat to start your adventure.  Once it’s time to start, take off your shoes and get ready to have fun.  You and your party will help push the motorized raft into the water, this raft is used to meet the boat that’s waiting for you further out in the ocean.  This is when the excitement starts to build. “I will admit I was nervous on the raft cause I didn’t know what to expect and then the crew tells you to pulls yourself backward onto the final boat.  I remember looking at my partner, like “Holy crap I better not lose my S***.”   Mind you this was the day after I indeed lost my S*** while deep sea fishing with UFO.  Now, you can understand what was going through my mind.  There was a cute group of siblings that were teenagers that helped me calm down.  I figured if they can do it, I can. Famous last words if not, right?

On to the fun part, I have never felt so safe when the crew was suiting us up and making sure we were ready.  I remember looking at my partner when it was our turn and thinking I couldn’t be happier bringing our fans this experience and doing it with her.  You, the fans push us to cover the adventures so you can experience them as well.  The rush you get when your feet lift off the platform of the boat is exhilarating and unforgettable.  You must experience Parasailing!  We feel that is the closest you can get to feeling like you’re flying.  Take moments to look around to see a priceless image of Maui.  An image that so few people get to see and you get that because of UFO Parasailing.

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UFO 1916

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