Ole Mason Jar Showroom Opening



Ole Mason Jar


Ole Mason Jar Showroom Opening

Ole Mason Jar Showroom Opening – Charlotte, North Carolina – Ole Mason Jar is excited to announce their flagship showroom located 148 Brevard Court Charlotte, NC 28202, On Saturday, January 9, 2015, Ole Mason Jar is having a soft opening for their flagship location.For those in Charlotte, feel free to stop in from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM and enjoy free coffee and a sneak peek of our new line of shirts and sports coats!


Ole Mason Jar


OLE MASON JAR was founded and created in North Carolina, USA. Our southern roots, mixed with our love for menswear, style and clothing, led us to create a lifestyle brand that is sophisticated, right for the time and never overdone.

Origins of OLE MASON JAR

We wanted a name that represented our southern heritage and the brand we aspired to be. Being from North Carolina, the mason jar is an iconic item that brings back great memories of a time that once was. In fact, to this day, our grandparents still preserve their own garden grown vegetables in mason jars. The mason jar is simplistic yet symbolic, loved by many and recognizable by all. The mason jar transcends trends, is never overstated and perfectly represents our vision: “Preserving Southern Sophistication”.


OLE MASON JAR was founded on three basic principles that we continue to live by each and every day.


ole Mason

Giving Back

We believe every day should be viewed as another chance to make a positive impact on the world. With everything we sell, we give back to organizations dedicated to helping those underprivileged through our “Buy a Shirt, Feed a Family” campaign (everything we sell, a portion of proceeds will be given to feeding a family in need).

Crafting high quality, great fitting and sustainable clothing made in the USA

We make clothes that are tailored for a great fit, using excellent craftsmanship and only the highest quality fabrics. We don’t stop there, though, because it is about more than just making a great product, but where and how it is made too. With an emphasis on revitalizing the American textile industry, everything we make is handmade by second and third generation seamstresses in some of the last remaining factories at the heart of this great country.

Telling a great story

Clothing can be more than something you wear, it can also tell a great story. While we do make great clothes, we also create great content (grooming, style tips, essentials etc…). We are passionate about being so much more than just a clothing company, but rather a unique lifestyle brand that can invoke passion and inspire so many others.


Ole Mason Jar is one of our favorite menswear clothing line. They are dominating the field in North Carolina and we know for sure that these designers are going to be known worldwide.  The perfect style for business travelers and men who just want to make a statement.




Ole Mason Jar - Clothing Line

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