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Our Lovers Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 

To All the Lovers and Lover’s of Life Valentine’s Day is coming up this Sunday.  We have some cool and unique gifts to spice up your Valentine’s Day plans with someone special.  Our Staff are going to share with you some of our favorites.  Our Host, Kristin R. Thomas admits before meeting her partner that she hated Valentine’s Day, now is just a slight dislike.   She believes and we have to admit we agree, that every day we should show our love and not just on a holiday.

 1. Artist Vodka:  When it comes to delicious, crisp Vodka, Artist Vodka hits everything on your checklist.  We’re huge Vodka fans and the one Vodka brand we cal all agree on is Artist Vodka.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the smooth taste is just right to kick-off your Valentine’s Day with someone special or having a Single Valentine’s Day with your friends.  Learn more at


Artist Vodka


2.  Wild Turkey American Honey

In 1976, Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell had an idea to add pure honey to bourbon  With the strong but deep flavors of the bourbon with the addition of the sweetness of the pure honey, Jimmy Russell created a one-of-a-kind bourbon.  Toast to love with Wild Turkey American Honey.




3.  LOVE is

Founded by South-African born artist, Jeremy Brown.  As an abstract artist, Brown has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade, inspired by the 1960’s French Artist Yves Klein and performance art pieces by Andy Warhol.  After his friends showed interest, he created Love Is Art.  The kit now includes a specially-treated cotton canvas and all natural, non-toxic paint.  Covering all bases, it also includes a painter’s tarp to protect surfaces from paint splatters, disposable slippers to make a clean walk from canvas to the shower and also a body scrubber.  Have fun with your kit, it will be unforgettable!


Love Art Kit



4.  Vosges Chocolate: Exotic Truffle Collection, 32 pieces

The exotic chocolate company specializes in mixing elegant flavors that spice up your taste buds.  The signature collection comes with 32 pieces of truffles that includes their Groove, Italian, Aztec and other exotic collections.  This is even the perfect gift for someone that has to have a gluten-free diet.  The exotic truffle collection box includes a booklet highlighting each flavor.  We highly suggest visiting the Vosges website to pick out a special gift for someone special.


Vosges Truffle
Exotic Truffle Collection


Have fun this year for Valentine’s Day!  It’s not just for couples, if you’re single, get your single friends together and have a creative night.  It’s a day for Love and all kinds of Love! Much love from us at Trip Out.


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