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 Cool Treats From Japan


In Japan, Krispy Kreme offers the coolest sweet treats.  Krispy Kreme Japan’s new Cool Krispy Sandwich is comprised of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of raspberry ice cream and an assortment of frozen berries, placed between two halves of a Krispy Kreme favorite: an Original Glazed doughnut.


It’s the perfect time for the Summer.  We’re huge fans of Krispy Kreme and gelato so what’s to hate with this treat.





For the first time as the Krispy Kreme – Japan, is recently arranged the “donut sandwich” of the rising popularity in Krispy Kreme-style in the United States, feel free to donut dessert finished in style to eat the new appeared in the burger wrap. KKD of standard products, to those obtained by slicing the “original glazed ®”, crowded scissors the cold gelato and ice, drew the outstanding compatibility. The first to launch as a series “Cool crispy Sand raspberry and vanilla” is warm “original glazed ®” to the flavor of vanilla ice cream rich, raspberry pulp and fruit juice a smooth mouthfeel, which was also formulated more than 40% of raspberry crowded scissors gelato, we still topping the frozen mix Berry. In a state in which both sides of the ice and gelato, “cool there was” by warm lightly increased texture, served more delicious.Gradually warm consists season from this, and sand the cold ice, please enjoy the new style of dessert donut to be feel free to eat “cool crispy sand” in burger wrap.




Who’s coming with us to Japan!

Kool Krispy  Japan
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Kool Krispy Japan
In Japan, Krispy Kreme offers the coolest sweet treats. Krispy Kreme Japan’s new Cool Krispy Sandwich
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