Hotels & Our Furry Children

LiL Man


Traveling with Pets 101

This little man is our son, Beast.  I love him and his mom with all my heart, but traveling with Beast can be very hard. Why?  There are so many hotels that do not accept pets.  If you happen to locate a hotel there is usually an additional fee ‘cleaning fee’ to have your furry child with you.   When it comes to my partner traveling, we love to take Beast everywhere we go, he’s a poodle mix that doesn’t shed and he’s completely potty trained so why not allow him to stay in the room with us?  Believe me, I know that others have broken rules where their dogs caused serious damage to a hotel property but do all of our furry children have to pay for the rule breakers.

It would be amazing if a hotel or Inn could judge your particular dog and breed to see if they will allow them to stay or even if a cleaning fee is necessary.  Or, how about an option where if your dog caused any damage or noise issues, then when your final bill is charged the hotel adds the additional then.  We challenge hotels to be more pet-friendly and welcoming to our furry children that can behave in their hotel property.  Our furry children should be able to travel along with us without having issues finding a hotel that will accept part of our family.   Two things to look at or to mention when booking a hotel are following:

1) When booking online, in the comment or additional information section, specify what breed of dog you have and how much your dog weighs.  This gives the management at your preferred accommodations to decide how they want to charge you.  My partner and I have gotten a hotel or Innkeeper not charge us because of Beast’s breed.

2)  Call Managers personally that have a no pet policy, send them a picture of your dog with a brief description.  Tell them you will pay for any damages and/or pay a refundable fee should your dog cause any damage to the room.

In our research to bring you ideas to locate the best hotels that know your furry loved ones are a huge part of your family.  Check out Pet Friendly Hotels for the largest directory of pet-friendly hotels in the United States.

Continue to follow this page with the latest news worldwide on traveling with your pets.

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