Gifts For Our Trans Fans

Our Gift Guide to Our Trans Love Ones

It’s time for Valentine’s Day and here are some last minute gift ideas or just a simple I love you and it’s Tuesday kind of present.  Show love every day and not just for the holiday.  If you have someone in your life that loves you, celebrate and be blessed.

Check out our gift guide for our Trans loved ones!

1) Martian Smartwatch ($129) – Martian Smartwatch’s mission was to improve your smartphone experience, so they created Martian Voice Command (MVC) and Martian Notifier (MN) smartwatches.   The Martian Voice Command allows you to speak and listen from your watch while leaving your phone in your pocket or purse.


The Maritan Smartwatch Collection will notify you when you have incoming calls, texts, and calendar and social media events with a vibration, an LED light and OLED display.  You have the function to initiate voice commands using the Martian Voice Command Smartwatch’s microphone or by using the phone’s speakerphone on the Martian Notifier watch to set calendar events, send texts, reminders, and search for information.  Stay connected with Martian Smartwatches.

Martian Functions

2) Wurkin Stiffs, Essential for Men and Gentlewomen ($58) – A Touch of style, Wurkin Stiffs Fashions Cufflinks are made from solid stainless steel, high polished and crystal-resined by hand.  Wurkin Stiffs are infamous for keeping your collar standing tall.  We can see how much pride Wurkin Stiffs takes in making their product excel from their competitors.  Trip Out fully supports this brand for making designs that fit for both Men and the Gentlewomen in our lives.

Wurkin Stiffs Cuffs

3) JS. Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine ($17) – The Mediumweight Brilliantine was brought to our attention by one of our Trans fans and we can’t thank her enough.  For shorter hair styles and that ultra neat look that holds all-day, this product is for you.  JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine is made with a fresh and clean scented formula. The medium hold brilliantine works best on thin, short hair and should be applied to dry hair for maximum hold. We recommend using this styling product with a fine tooth comb and styling with a blow dryer.  Get you JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine now for yourself or someone special!

JS Sloane

4) Eau des Baux Eau de Toilette ($58) –  In Province, the knights from the village of Les Baux chose the cypress tree as a symbol of their strength and honor, and a bright star in the sky as their guiding force.  In honor of their courage, L’OCCITANE has created a sensual and mysterious blend of cypress and incense Eau de Baux.  Our Host is all about this scent and we understand.  It’s the combination of the cypress with that mysterious blend! Check it out for yourself

Eau de Baux

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