Cycle of Life: A Day in the Life with Host Kristin

Cycle of Life:  A Day in the Life with Host Kristin R. Thomas

Cycle of Life
Host Kristin R. Thomas at CMC Main Hospital before surgery

         The Cycle of Life: A Day in the Life with Trip Out Host Kristin R. Thomas before surgery and how important it is to live life to the fullest. Travel and Be Blessed!

         Hello, my fellow travel mates, I shared with you all my struggle with RSD and my experience when I had the trial for the spinal cord stimulator in October.  Well, it’s now time to get the permanent spinal cord stimulator, which I have been told is not going to be a fun experience.  The first three weeks will be extremely painful because during the surgery my back muscles will be cut so the stimulator can be implanted into my spine.  To be honest, if I didn’t have my parents, Tara and the rest of my families support, I probably wouldn’t have the surgery.  After my dad had cancer surgery last year I saw the very importance of family support.  Having a support system is so important with recovery for any extensive surgeries.

         As, I embark on this new adventure, I wanted to take the time to thank you all for supporting Trip Out and being loyal fans of the series.   We have had our ups and downs and even survived someone hacking and stealing all of our content.  Our team is stronger because of all the ups and downs.  You guys keep me and my team motivated to keep Trip Out going and being able to help our LGBT community.   Being able to help our LGBT community has been and always will be our main focus with Trip Out.  Our goal is to provide you the best in luxurious travel that’s safe for you, whether traveling solo or with your family.

        When I was a kid my parents made a point to show me the world the best way they could.  We didn’t have a large budget to travel around the world, but my parents introduced me to the world by videos and pictures.  They made weekend trips fun and my mom being in the Army allowed us to live in Germany and Texas.  I got to see Germany and Spain at a young age.  My fiancee and I promise ourselves that we will do our best to show our kids the world in the best way we can.  We are all blessed to be able to travel, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  If you have a small budget, try planning day trips around your city or state, explore the world by watching travel shows or interactive travel videos with your family.  Find ways to travel or explore the world in ways that fit your budget and personality.  If you’re single, be a Solo Traveler.  I was a Solo Traveler after college until I met my fiancee.  You get to meet other Solo Travelers and they become your friends for life.  Sweet Travel had an amazing Solo Traveler program, that was jammed packed with activities.

           Live life to the fullest, my granddad always use to say to me.  It’s how I live my life and I challenge you all to find aspects of your life that make you happy.  Make a bucket life of places you want to see or activities that you have always wanted to try.

         Remember, Life’s Too Short to Stay In!  Thank you all for your time and support.  2016 is packed with adventures around the world, we get to share with you.  Ireland, Morocco, Sri Lanka, South Africa, London are scheduled for 2016 Trip Out shooting schedule.  It’s going to be a fun year.  Be Blessed!

Cheers to 2016!!!

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