Bear Naked Chef


Bear Naked Chef Just In Time for Valentine’s Day


Bear Naked Chef cooks up tantizing dishes while looking sexy. What can we say?  Our mouths are watering and for more reasons than the delicious food, Bear-Naked Chef is cooking up in the kitchen.  The internet sensation, Los Angeles, California Cook Adrian De Berardinis has cooked up a video series that debuted in December.  Since his debut, he has become an International internet hottie.  Try and keep your eyes on what’s he’s cooking than his hot body.  In episode 3, Adrian cooks up Pappardelle Pasta with bacon and peas the perfect Valentine’s meal.  We love Bear-Naked Chef because it makes cooking fun and sexy with dishes you can create for your someone specials or even a hot date with someone new.  Don’t let the kitchen intimidate you and have fun.

Our Producer shared what her grandparents said to her, “Cooking with love will always make the food delicious.”  We couldn’t agree more.

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