Alii Nui – Sunset Feast

Alii Nui – Sunset Feast

Alii Nui Sail

Alii Nui Royal Feast Sunset Sail

Maui, Hawaii – September 28th, 2015, our friends at the Adult-Only, LGBT resort Maui Sunseeker  connected myself (Host of Trip Out) and my fiancee and photographer to Alii Nui Luxury Sailing company.  On our second day on the island, we were ready to explore Maui and what better way to see the beauty of Maui than taking an Alii Nui sailing excursion.

Alii Nui Hilltop

Alii Nui offers 9 forms of charters including the Adult-Only Royal Feast Dinner Sail that we had the honor to feature.  When booking an Alii Nui sail, make sure to book their complimentary door to door transportation.  You will be thankful so you can enjoy the unlimited cocktails and wine.  If you do choose to drive remember to pay for parking at the Ma’alaea Harbor.  You can pay for parking at the parking machine or by phone using your parking spot number.  After paying for parking, make your way to Slip #56 to board the boat with your ticket.   You will be asked to remove your shoes when you board.  Go ahead and remove your shoes and make your way down into the boat to hear the safety instructions from the Captain.


I will be honest with you, I was a little nervous because just earlier in the day we went deep sea fishing with UFO Parasail and let’s just say I gracefully lost my cookies.  In the back of my head, I was thinking please don’t let me lose my cookies and this delicious array of food in front of these fabulously dressed strangers.  I can tell my fiancee was reading my mind like she always does when she can tell I’m nervous.  The Captain finished the safety instructions that I completely missed because I was too busy freaking out.   The Staff moved about getting all of us seated and ready to take orders as the Captain was getting the sail set in place before we leave the dock.  We chose to sit at the back of the boat which was supplied with a dinner table with plush seating.  To me, it was the perfect location to enjoy the sail and the sunset.  I highly recommend sitting in the back so you get a full 180-degree view.  The crew member that served us throughout the sail was the sweetest.  She created us special cocktails for the night and always made sure we were comfortable, even supplying a blanket when it started to cool down.

Alii Nui Signature Glass

As we were pulling away from the dock, the sun was starting to set.  I have never seen a sunset so radiant as the one we saw during our dinner sail.   Maui has the most beautiful sunsets and Alii Nui offering their luxurious sails is the perfect way to experience a Hawaiin sunset.

Alii Nui - Oceanview

While we were enjoying the view, our cocktails arrived with the announcement that we could get dinner.  I stood up while we were gliding over the Pacific Ocean and the reddish tint from the sun setting cascaded over the water.  Now, that is something you don’t see every day and just like me, the rest of the guests had stopped talking to experience the glow.  Complete silence as the sun was setting.  At that particular moment, I looked at my fiancee and thought life is just perfect right now.  She’s happy and I’m happy, we’re in Maui and we get to share this experience with our fans.


After the sunset, everyone lined up to enjoy the dinner.  The scrumptious catering provided several options for all dietary needs.  My fiancee cannot have gluten and there were delicious options for her.  For me, the mini crab cakes made me want to stash some in my bra but I know that’s not good etiquette.  I grew up in Maryland so seafood is my everything.  Alii Nui did not disappoint with the seafood options.  The bourbon cocktail with a hint of spice mixed perfectly with the dinner.   Be sure to sample everything that you can, just sit back and relax.  Listen to the waves and let your worries wash away.

Alii Nui Food Plate

Alii Nui provides a relaxing experience, perfect for a romantic evening or a great way to chill with your friends.  If you’re a Solo travelers you will enjoy the sailing experience as well.  It’s just simply perfection!  Alii Nui thank you so much for allowing us to showcase your adventure.  I will never forget it and we highly recommend to all of our Adult viewers.

Alii Nui Ocean 2

When the ship was heading back into the dock, my fiancee and I were cuddled up under a blanket and chatting with a couple beside us.  We all had a look on our faces that showed we didn’t want the night to end.  When you experience something that makes you want to stay and escape the world has to experience at least one time in your life.  Go to Maui and book your sailing excursion with Alii Nui Luxury Sailing Company.

Thank you again, Alii Nui for the breathtaking experience! Learn more at

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